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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How Stress, Depression and Bad Habits Cause Oversleeping and Tiredness

If you oversleep often, or feel tired most of the time…
You may have to admit having some kind of “mind barriers” that are keeping you in bed or draining you of energy.
The most common psychological/ emotional issues are stress, depression, anxiety, fear of failure and boredom (living without a sense of purpose).

In the best case, you used to have such issues a long time ago, but still carry some bad habits that were established back then (That’s how habits tend to be).

Are you sleep walking through life?

Is it possible that you oversleep, instead of facing problems and responsibilities? Could it be that you’re sleepy all the time because you’re bored with life?
Could you be using your bed as your “comfort zone”?
Are you repressing something? Maybe a dream or a goal that seems impossible to reach? 

Is stress preventing you from sleeping well?

Many people have trouble getting a restful night sleep because of stress and worries…
You may be lying in bed a long time until you fall asleep, and then sleep lightly. You get into ‘deep sleep’ only close to the time you’re supposed to wake up, which makes it very hard to do so.

Do you damage your sleep with your bad habits?
If you sleep a lot or feel tired all the time, you’re probably aware of some of your negative habits, that damage your energy level directly, or indirectly – by affecting your sleep.


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